Caring for Your Dentures: Dos and Don’ts

dentist working on a piece of denturesDentures have the ability to restore your smile and your confidence. Here is a guide you can use to keep your dentures in the best shape possible so you can keep smiling:

Take Your Dentures Out at Night

It’s very important to remove your dentures overnight. This enables you to clean them, and to care for the rest of your mouth. Leaving your dentures in too long can result in complications like sores, infections, and swell. It can also cause bacteria to accumulate in your mouth which can further contribute to other oral health problems.

When you are not wearing your dentures, soak them in an overnight cleaner. Do not allow them to dry overnight because they can become misshapen.

Don’t Use Harsh Cleaning Methods

Do not use a regular toothbrush or dental scrapers on your dentures as this can cause them to wear down and become scratched. Use a soft brush that was specifically made for use on dentures and denture cleanser. Brush gently and briefly to avoid damage.

Practice Eating with Dentures

Wearing dentures means practicing different eating methods. Using pulling or tugging motions when eating can pull the dentures from your mouth or damage them. You should also avoid chewing hard foods with the front of your dentures, which can cause chips or breaks. The best way to eat with dentures is to take smaller bites and chew carefully. This will also prevent them from wearing down.

Keep Your Gums in Shape

Even with dentures, gum health is still super important. Every night, gently brush your gums, the roof of your mouth, and your tongue to remove bacteria and prevent it from building up. This daily ritual will keep healthy blood flow in your gums and prevent gum disease. If you have remaining teeth, take care to brush and floss them every day as well.

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