What to Expect When You Get Dental Implants

healthy tooth in forceps reflected in dental mirror

Dental implants are a great way to restore teeth in a natural-looking way. Many people are turning to implants as an alternative to partial or even full dentures. You may be thinking about getting implants, or perhaps the appointment is already set, but it can be a bit scary if you do not know what to expect. Here is a rundown of what will happen when you receive dental implants in Carrollton, GA.


If you are being sedated for the procedure, your dentist will ask that you fast before the surgery. If you are receiving local anesthesia, they will ask you to make sure you have a good breakfast first. The dentist may also prescribe antibiotics for a few days before surgery as a preventative measure. You should also make sure you have someone to drive you home post-surgery. It is essential to follow all instructions given to you by your dentist.

Phase 1

Dental implants are done in stages to ensure that the implant takes hold correctly. For the first phase, the dentist will make an incision into your gums and make a hole in the jawbone. They will then place the implant and close the gums over it. This will heal and become firmly integrated into your mouth over the course of a few months.

Phase 2

During phase two, the crown is made and placed in your mouth. When it is complete, it should look completely natural, just like one of your own teeth.


Just like any surgery, you may experience discomfort afterward. Ordinary painkillers will be sufficient to manage any post-surgery discomfort. Keep an eye on the implant and report anything unusual to your dentist in case there is an issue with the implant. Some bruising and swelling is normal. You will be able to return to work the next day, but you will need someone to drive you home after surgery.

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